About Us

Agrawal Sangh was an enthusiastic initiative by Shri Munna Lal Agarwal to consolidate the entire Agrawal Samaj across the India into one centralized body. All of the various stand-alone clubs and institutions were clubbed together to form one whole so that the individual resources of all the single units could be joined together to utilize for the betterment of all.

The aim of Agarwal Sangh Central Committee is to provide service, help and guidance to the people of the society. Agarwal Sangh Central Committee has always been in favor of adopting the latest technology for the progress of its members. Such services are being provided by the Agrawal Sangh Central Committee web-portal (www.agarwalsangh.com), in which, keeping in mind the family environment of the members of the Agrawal Sangh, the education of the children is facilitated through the web-portal operated by the committee. - Writing, giving inspiration and help to do their career and vocational training, etc. courses, as well as providing medical facilities and help to them when needed through blood-bank and information about marriageable young men and women, did such service work. Will go | Along with such capable Samarth Agarwal brothers and organizations who want to serve in such service works through Agarwal Sangh Central Committee, they are happily invited. Agarwal Sangh Central Committee Family


# Name/Father Name Address Designation Business
1 Shri Munna Lal Agarwal
Son of Late Shri Bhoru Lal Agarwal
Puranichungi naka road, Gopalpura, Morena President Transporter
2 Shri Grijesh Garg
Son of Shri Om Praksah Garg
Purani jean, Gali No.1, Rue ki mandi, Morena Vice President Journalist
3 Shri Ravikant Goyal
Son of Shri Shivhari Das Goyal
Near Rathi Hospital, Sabji Mandi, Morena Secretary Business
4 Shri Ram Das Bansal
Son of Late Shri Prabhu Das Bansal
Gali No. 7, Opposit Bradhashram, Madhopura, Morena Treasurer Business
5 Shri Rajendra Goyal
Son of Shri Trilok Chandra Goyal
Teni Pappu Ka Bada, Nala No.2, Morena Joint Secretary Advocate
6 Shri Umesh Chandra Agarwal
Son of Late Shri Phool Chand Goyal
109, Opposite of Saroj Tower Talkies, Morena Member Contractor
7 Shri Matadeen Goyal
Son of Late Shri Mathura Prasad Goyal
Tilak Road, Morean Member Medical Store
8 Shri Mahesh Chandra Agarwal
Son of Late Shri Bhoru Lal Agarwal
Gandhi Bal Nikaten, Morena Member Business
9 Shri Mata Prasad Singhal
Son of Shri Chotay Lal Singhal
Jiwaji Ganj, Morena Member Business
10 Shri Kapil Agarwal
Son of Shri Om Praksah Gupta
Rathi Complex, M. S. Road, Morena Member CA
11 Mrs. Sandhya Garg
Son of Shri B. D. Garg
New Hosing Board Colony, Morena Member Poetess